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Graceful Journey to reach your Partner's Heart!

Hey Beautiful Couple!

  • Does your idea of a Date means relaxing in her arms under the Starry Tepee Suite on a comfortable bed in Air-conditioned suite?
  • Do you wish to combine your simple dinner date with a marvellous couple Photoshoot?
  • Do you wish to showcase how much you love your partner through a Dinner?

Do you fancy a Dinner style which is Dazzling, Marvellous, and Alluring?

Surprise Date

Then Why remain stuck with old hotel style simple Dates?

This Suite is designed to offer you a Staycation Experience inside the Bohemian Tepee Cabana Suite illuminated with lights to rekindle the love with your partner. This Spacious room is Equipped with Plush LED lit Tepee Cabana Bed & Decorated Bathtub inside washroom.

Suite is decorated with Balloons & the bathtub is decorated with flower petals and tea lights. The dining table is beautifully decorated with Flowers & Candles to create an Exclusive Dining Experience and placed inside Tepee Cabana for a wonderful experience. Sitting in Tepee you can Relive your old memories by playing your Personal Private Pictures, videos, or playing a Movie on LED TV

The Magic doesn't stop here … The Food and Drink Menu has a Chef Special surprise in the end which melts in your mouth. We promise that you will leave with lot of Memories & Few Dreams Fulfilled!

Graceful & Romantic: Tepee Cabana Suite

Surprise Date Night

Heavenly Experience under the starry Tepee Suite with Romance in the air

Friends Date

This elaborate setup offers a magnificent Grand look and style

Cabana Date

Tepee Cabana Suite looks as if it has come straight out of your Fairytale dreams

Date Night in Jaipur

Flavoursome Food, handcrafted decor pieces, soothing musical beats are traits of this Experience

Graceful & Romantic: Premium Tepee Cabana Suite

Graceful & Romantic: Premium Tepee Suite

Exotic Balloon Decor in Teepee Suite

Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur
Teepee Suite Exotic Balloon decor in Jaipur

Cherished Customizations


Browse our most Cherished Customizations. You may connect with some and add a few of them to make your experience more beautiful. You are free to customise an experience that reflects your style, taste and personality. Most of our customisations are handcrafted with Love for you!

Add - OnsRecommended Add - Ons

Add OnsPremium Add Ons

Limited Edition Add – Ons
Limited Edition Add – Ons

And you thought that our list of customisations is over ? It's far from over ....We have two Rooms full of Handcrafted Candles , Metal ,Glass and Silver Candle Holders, Chrome Balloons, Acrylic / Neon Boards for Private Messages, Boho Luxe Cushions, Throw Runners made out of skin sof fabric , Imported Rabbit Fur Rugs, Handmade Paintings , Poems , Teal Green and Pink Imported Plates, Cutlery , Napkins and Napkin Rings , Blue and Pink hand painted champagne flutes, Premium Glasswares, Pastel Trays ...... and he list is endless..Tulips, Carnations, Lavender color Roses, Perfumed Oils which if burned are capable of calming you and turning you into a romantic soul ...

This is personal collection of our Team Lead at Pakwaan who is a collector of everything Unique and most of these items are rarely used .Till the time we don't have a unique story with which she can relate, they are hardly used and if they are used , only she is allowed to touch them .... so we know that these are truly unique pieces and will be only used for Limited Edition Experiences

let's start the planning, shall we?
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Honeymoon suite in Jaipur

Process of Customising a Dinner!

We believe in learning about your needs and we want to know how important this dinner date is for you and why? We want to make sure that we understand all your likes, dislikes, inclinations & your Expectations from us. After this we put our heart and soul into creating something divine & offer you a Wholesome Exceptional Experience. We need time of 7 – 14 days to curate such Bespoke Experiences!

Let's customize a romantic date for you!
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Bespoke Tepee Suite with Romantic Bathtub Experiences

Private Dining in JaipurThoughtful Notes From Clients

" My fiancee and me were looking for a romantic lunch date and write the idea of Teepee Cabana Suite with decorated bathtub for a staycation along with the candlelight dining. Superb idea and was executed safely and romantically by pakwaan team. "

- Nawal Panchal

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