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Bridal Shower in Jaipur

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'Parda Nashin ' ❤ - A Royal 👑 Affair

2. Rich in Taste, Rich in Experience 💟:
Indulge in a culinary journey that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you feeling like royalty.🌙

3. Reimagined Baradari Ambiance 👫: The traditional Baradari takes on a new charm, adorned with lacy curtains, Bougainvillea flowers, and fresh rose petals.👸

4. Enchanting Decor 🌷: Round flower cushions in magenta add a touch of elegance, while a chandelier changes colors seven times, casting a magical glow.❤

5. Sensual Atmosphere: 💖 Bask in the dim light of candles as romantic music fills the air, setting the mood for an unforgettable evening.💟

6. Sumptuous Seven-Course Menu🥂 Feast on a delectable seven-course meal, carefully curated to delight your palate🥧

7. Capture Every Moment 📷: Photography services ensure that your memories of this enchanting evening last a lifetime ❤‍🔥

8. Breathtaking Views 🌸: Whether you choose to sit inside the Baradari or stand in your balcony, you'll be treated to stunning sunset views or a moonlit sky under the ⭐🌙

9. Semi-Private Luxury ⭐ : The curtains create a semi-private ambiance, offering exclusivity while staying within your budget.😊

10. Two Seating Options ❤‍🔥: One can enjoy two types of seating , relaxed soft bedding sitting inside the Baradari or enjoying the intimacy of your balcony for a truly personalized experience while standing or sitting on chairs . We Prefer Baradari Seating For the full dining experience, while welcome mocktails are best enjoyed in your balcony.🦋

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